Alec Cowan
Canyonlands National Park (Alec Cowan)

It was September, and a cool start to Autumn. Eight months into the pandemic. And to be sure, my partner and my’s experience of the pandemic has been blessedly smooth. We work from home, and despite losing…

A letter to Satan

Pentecostalism began in 1906, with a son of freed slaves named William J. Seymour.

​Seymour and some cohorts were waiting around in a place called Bonnie Brae street, and their account of what happened is that all seven of them, one by one, began to fall on the ground and…

It’s fair to say that anime, especially in the United States, has somewhat of a complicated image. This may be partially due to what’s called, in the lexicon, a “weeb” (short for weeaboo): someone obsessed with Japanese culture, arguably to the point of wanting to be Japanese themselves. …

Note: I’ve spent my professional career as a reporter and producer in public radio newsrooms at KLCC, NPR, and KUOW. Dr. Chris Chavez is also a mentor and former colleague.


Journalism as an industry is experiencing intense growing pains. Newsrooms are laying off dozens of employees as megacompanies buy up…

Sunset falls on the German Bundestag in Berlin. (Alec Cowan)

Tucked on the outer edges of East Berlin lies a series of complexes. They’re typically modern, massive blocks in the shapes of Ls, Is and Ts — an alphabetic topography built by the Soviets. Step into the building at address Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 31/33, and you’re greeted by a nostalgic palette of…

Alec Cowan

Alec is a journalist working in podcasting and public radio. Current interests include: parsing through old college notes and a cure-all for procrastination.

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